Channeled Healing Sessions

Channelled Energy Healing

Through your physical senses you perceive less than 1% of the world around you and your own existence. We are all Energy, and have multiple energy bodies that exist within the quantum field. As quantum physics has proven, the observer by observing the energy causes it to shift. When I work with your energy field, I use my physic gifts to “read” your energy like a book, and am drawn to areas where there are blockages/denser/lower vibrational energy that is ready to be released. This is done in priority based on your soul's innate wisdom. I then allow higher frequency souls/spirit guides to move energy through me to create the energetic shift in your field. While I am allowing this energy to move through me I describe it to you based on how I identify with the energies to assist you with understanding the healing you are receiving. When Channeling Group healing (or my stand alone healing products), I am reading the combined energy of everyone who has signed up to receive the healing, and it is led by my higher self Archangel Gabriel. For some members of the group the healing may be a profound shift and for others it may be a minor one, however everyone in the group needs it at some level. While the group healing is not necessarily in specific priority to your individual needs, it can at times be even more powerful as everyone within the group is co-creating the healing. Also as you move higher in frequency and perception of the world around you, you realize we are all one soul and are moving through the energies at the same time but with our own “story” around it. So in truth we all need healing of the same energies at some level.

1-on-1 Healing

During a session, we will start by discussing in more detail how I work and any questions you may have. We will then talk about what you are hoping to get out of the session. This “charges” the field with your intention before we surrender to the wisdom of your higher self and what you most need at that time. I then channel healing and messages from your spirit guides and any other beings of the highest love and light that wish to come through. After the channeling you have the opportunity to ask any questions about what came through or other questions you have for me or your spirit guides.

Group Healing

During a group session I tune into the energy of the group based on who has signed up to receive the healing that month. I then channel healing and messages from your spirit guides and any other beings of the highest love and light that wish to come through. While I am channeling the healing, you will receive it at a subconscious level and the shifts in your energetic field will start to occur. If you choose to watch the recording (which is available in the group and emailed to you on the 11th each month) you will receive a deeper level of healing, as you then receive it at a conscious level.

Stand Alone Healing

These healings are Channeled with a specific intention set by Spirit, and are Channeled for all those who will ever purchase the healing. By purchasing the healing you allow the Spirits I channeled to bring through the healing for you, so you do not need to watch the recording to receive it, however I strongly encourage you to do so as by watching it you co-create the healing with me. As with all my channeled healing sessions, by rewatching the healing at any time you create a deeper level of healing each time.


After the session I recommend paying attention to how the healing manifests in your life. A lot will shift over the first two weeks but some shifts will take longer or “reverberate” out over months and years. Our energy fields are like an onion, with many layers to healing, and when/if it feels right to you to relisten to the session recording you will get a deeper level of healing each time. The benefits of a single session can dramatically alter your life and path. And the best part is you don't need to believe in it to work, just have an open mind to allow yourself to experience a session and also to witness the changes.


I highly endorse Jodie Watts as an exceptional energy healer, channeler, guide, and mentor. Having participated in both private and group healing sessions led by Jodie, I can attest to the transformative impact of her work. In fact, I have integrated her recorded group sessions into my regular self-care routine, incorporating them into my weekly meditation and healing practice. Jodie's spiritual gifts are unequivocally attuned to Divine energies, and she embodies a genuine sense of compassion and self-love in her approach to healing and communication. I would encourage anyone who may have stumbled upon Jodie's website or YouTube page to consider this as a sign from a higher guidance to work with her. The Divine works through Jodie to assist individuals on their journey, and she always leads with love and light, never allowing her ego to interfere with her practice. Jodie truly embodies the principles of 5-dimensional business. With much love and light.

Jamie US

I highly recommend a healing and channeling session with Jodie. She has an incredible connection with many light beings. Every session is a pure gift of love. Each session has helped me deeply in my healing and development process. Forever grateful!

Maryse Egypt

Jodie's sessions are lovely and the energy that shifts before and during are palpable. She is gifted at connecting to the guides that need to come though and in delivering the information that supports where you are on your journey. The light language she delivers is also a beautiful part of the session that assists in shifting the energy.

KM Canada

Jodie, thank you for the amazing and transformative sessions. Thank you for the loving, safe space you hold for me. The way you set sacred temple space, the way you allow me to express myself, the energy, the light language, the wisdom, the clearings, the activations are so profound and deeply appreciated. Words cannot express the gratitude for the space you hold, for your service and being such an inspirational mentor and facilitator.

Delia US

I found Jodie about a year and a half ago and was instantly drawn to her high vibrational energy, it felt safe and familiar and it is now been over a year since I started working with her. Everything Jodie says and does resonates with me on a very deep level. The codes and healing she is bringing through go deep and at the same time lift me up high, I feel refreshed and rejuvenated. I also feel safe to share personal stuff in her space and would go as far as calling her a member of my soul family. Thank you Jodie for what you do! Keep shining your bright light! The world needs more people like you 🙏✨💕✨🙏

Roksolana Scotland

I literally cannot say enough amazing things about Jodie, the work she does, and our session together! I knew after attending her group healing sessions that working one on one would be incredibly potent. To be honest, the word potent doesn't even begin to describe the enormity of what I received during my session with her. I am completely blown away, not only by the messages I received and the healing that took place but even more so by how strongly I felt the energy coming in and the shifts throughout the session. 20/10 would recommend and I can't wait for the next session!

Julie US

I have been working with Jodie for at least a year and a half now. Ever since our first session I felt immense trust towards her and her work. Each time I have received exactly the support I needed at the moment, energetically but also in a more grounded way, by receiving messages from my guides and confirmations on my path and tips that were fully aligned with my heart.Jodie is an exceptional healer. I follow her work and her group healing sessions as well. There have been several personal or group sessions that I rewatched as I felt guided to do so. Her healings are powerful and potent both for beginners or advanced ascension students. Working with energy myself I get so much inspiration for my own work . Thank you Jodie for all you do. May more souls benefit from your magical healing gifts. ❤

Artemis Greece