Pure Light, inside and out

My Story…

Born on the West Coast of Canada in 1976 I always felt things very deeply in my body and just “knew” things.  I spent my entire adult life suffering from a chronic illness and it wasn’t until it got so bad that I was unable to work and needed surgery to have my entire colon removed at the start of 2020 that I discovered energy healing (the point where I surrendered control).  After three sessions that my rational mind could not explain, I started to feel better and after about six months of sessions every two weeks, my colon had completely healed itself.  Which put me on a quest to understand “Why did this work when everything else I had tried did not?”.

I approached energy healing from a scientific standpoint (studying quantum physics) and I also started studying BodyTalk (the form of energy healing focused on the physical body that had helped me so profoundly).  Ever the academic (I was a Chartered Professional Accountant for almost 25 years) I decided to become a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, but my Spirit Guides had other ideas.  Right away I knew how to use the beginner BodyTalk techniques from an expanded viewpoint, and also from the beginning my clients were providing me with very concrete proof of how I was helping them to make significant changes in their life.  I have taken many courses and workshops since I started offering energy healing sessions at the start of 2021 but my biggest shifts have always come from clearing my own field and belief systems to be a clear channel for the energies.

Later in 2021 I would find out thanks to two other Channelers that I studied with that I had a soul extension walk-in in August of 2020 which kicked off my “spiritual awakening”.  If you are not familiar with what this means, a part of my soul came back into my “human” experience or awareness.  This part was the remembering that I AM Archangel Gabriel.  I have had more soul extension walk-ins since but this one has most certainly had the most profound impact on my life and how I experience this world.  Typically we perceive less than 1% of the multiverse/energies around us but my perception has opened up so that I can now perceive more than 50% when I am channeling. This allows me to bring through spirit and move energy in a profound way.

As I am devoted to my own spiritual path, new abilities are constantly opening up and my perception is also constantly expanding.  In 2023 I became a digital nomad to live in the energies I am guided to as part of my highest path of ascension, and holding the “light”.  I am a member of the Divine Feminine Council of Light, a Priestess of Isis (part of the Rose Lineage) and one of 144,000 souls currently incarnated on the planet holding key codes in our DNA for the ascension of humanity and all on the planet. I AM the Light.      

Love, Jodie

Jodie Watts