One - on - One Channeled Healing Sessions

Guidance From Your Higher Self

$ 111 Session
  • * $111 USD per Session
  • * Sessions can be for individuals, couples, children, pets or your business
  • * Contact me to book, I do a limited number of sessions each month but I am available 7 days a week (Group Members receive priority booking)
  • * A calendar invite with a Zoom link is provided for the session
  • * A pre-recorded session can be provided if you prefer not to attend live, for example if you are too busy (you receive the healing energetically when I channel it, watching the recording strengthens it)
  • * Sessions last approximately one hour
  • * A recording of your session is provided for you to download from the cloud
  • * Session payment is due at time of booking. Sesions can be rescheduled within 24 hours however if you are unable to attend, I will still channel healing for you and the recording will be provided
  • Payment is via PayPal

Monthly Group Channeled Healing Sessions

You Don't Need To Do It Alone

$ 11 Month
  • * $11 USD per Month
  • * Sign up is via my Patreon page, and the first 7 days is Free (you can choose to unsubscribe/leave the Group at any time)
  • * The Group Healing Session is provided to you “automagically” on the 11th of the month (I send the healing to you energetically when I channel it)
  • * A link to the session recording is provided via Patreon and email to watch
  • * You do NOT need to watch the session to receive the healing if you are an active group member, but it does strengthen the healing
  • * You also gain access to a library of all past Group healings (starting from 2021) and teachings (you receive the healing by watching a channeled video of mine before you were a group member)
  • Payment is collected through Patreon via a Credit Card, PayPal, Apple Pay or Venmo

Stand Alone Channeled Healing Sessions

Targeted Support When You Need It

$ 11 Session
  • * $11 USD per Session
  • * On my Patreon Shop you will find Stand Alone Healing Sessions for individuals, couples, children, pets and your business
  • * These Sessions are designed to be a tool for you to use to remove blocks on your healing journey
  • * Stand Alone Healing Sessions can be purchased via my Patreon page (without signing up for the group healing every month)
  • * Healing Sessions are guided by Spirit and sent to everyone that will ever purchase that recording
  • * You do NOT need to watch the session recording that you purchased to receive the healing
  • * By purchasing the healing you give permission to the Spirits that I channeled to provide it to you
  • * I do highly recommend watching the recording, especially if it is for your Child, Pet or Business as you strengthen the healing with your conscious awareness
  • Payment is collected through Patreon via a Credit Card, PayPal, Apple Pay or Venmo

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